Postal try ons

 How to book a postal try on:

Our postal try on service becomes available every Thursday and Friday.

When looking at our garments online all customers will have the choice to either "Rent" or "Try on" a garment. This option will be shown on each individual product page.

Each customers can try up to 2 items per postal try on booking. We have a limit on the amount of garments that can be booked for a postal try on so that we are able to give other customers the same opportunity to try on their desired garment.

When a customer places a postal try on there will not be a calendar feature shown. This calendar feature will only show when customer is renting a garment, it will not show on postal try ons.

Once a customer has placed their postal try on order, we will contact the customer and ask when their event date is, and we will send off the garment(s) as soon as we possibly can. This will be discussed with the customer who has placed the order. We will need to factor in other postal try ons as well as rental bookings. We will let you our customers know the date we intend to send off their postal try on and when we expect them back.

Once the garment(s) are returned back to us and are back in the THREAD RENTALS studio you will be able to book another postal try on should you wish to do so.

A postal try on is there for our customer to try on our garment before they decide to rent. If we find that a garment was worn to an event but was booked under a postal try on we will bill you the full rental prices, and we will refuse any further rentals to that particular customer.

Please understand that we want to help you ensure you find the perfect garment for your event, we have put in place postal try ons so that our customers get the chance to try on our garments before renting.

We want to give everyone the same opportunity to try on their desired garment, to ensure a steady flow on postal try ons and rentals please ensure you can return your garment(s) before placing a postal try on with us. Please consider the next person in line. Late returns delay our postal try ons and rental process. Should a postal try on be returned late you will be billed $20.00 per day the garment(s) is not returned back to us.


For more information regarding postal try ons please click here.