Does the description of a product describe what we will be receiving in person?

We aim to provide a very detailed description of the item. If the garment is damaged or becoming worn down we will ensure it is mentioned. If an item has been heavily worn or damaged we will replace the item. 

What if an item doesn’t fit?

We can not provide you with a refund if the item doesn't fit. We have try ons and we have taken the time to ensure that the recommended fit and sizing guide is available for you.

When will we receive the item we wished to rent?

All parcels are shipped by New Zealand Post via their overnight shipping service.

We aim to send your order out as soon as we possibly can. All orders will be sent out at the start of the week to your event. We aim to have our first lot of orders for each week sent out by Monday if your hired item was not rented over the previous weekend. If your hired item was in fact rented over the previous weekend we aim to have your order sent out to you on the Tuesday. If there are any delays on your order we will be in touch with you.

Any orders not placed in advance for the current week. Eg. You place an order on a Wednesday and want to wear the garment the following Friday or Saturday. We aim to have it sent out on the day it was placed. 

For an order to be sent out the same day (for a rental wanted that same week)  you will need to ensure you place your order before 3pm on the day. Any orders placed after 3pm will not be sent out until the next working day.

When we have sent out your order you will be sent an email to confirm that your parcel has been dispatched from the Thread Rental studio.

If you do live in a residential area you should allow 1-2 working days for your package(s) to arrive at your chosen New Zealand address.

If you do live in a rural area you should allow for 3-4 working days for your package(s) to arrive at your chosen New Zealand address.

What if I damage the dress?

Please read our "terms and conditions" or "returning rentals".

Does it cost to book a Try On appointment?

It does not cost anything to book a Try On appointment. When you are booking a Try On appointment through our website once at checkout you will see that it is in fact free to book an appointment. No payment required.

Do you offer postal Try Ons?

At this stage we do not offer postal try ons. We hope to make this service available once we find a secure way of doing this.

Can I pick up my order?

Pick up orders can be collected Tuesday, Thursday & Friday from 10am-5pm. 

We will send you an email as to when your order is ready to be picked up, once you have received this email feel free to pop in any one of these days stated between our open hour times.

Pick up orders are collected from:

6H Henderson Place,

Onehunga, Auckland


(Finished rentals are to be dropped back to this address also).

When returning your order you will need to ensure you drop it back to Thread Rentals the next working day to your rental date. You will receive a small acrd with your order indicating when your return date is.

How do I return my outfit?


Please refer to "returning rentals".