Postal try on information

The cost of a postal try on is $30 per garment + shipping (2 items MAX)

Our postal try on service is there for our customers to try on our garment before they decide to rent. If we find that a garment was worn to an event but was booked under a postal try on we will bill you the full rental prices, and we will refuse any further rentals to you.

Please understand that we want to help you ensure you find the perfect garment for your event, we have put in place postal try ons so that our customers get the chance to try on our garments before renting.

We want to give everyone the same opportunity to try on their desired garment, to ensure a steady flow on postal try ons and rentals please ensure you can return your garment(s) before placing a postal try on with us. Please consider the next person in line. Late returns delay our postal try ons and rental process. Should a postal try on be returned late you will be billed $20.00 per day the garment(s) is not returned back to us.

How does a postal try on work?

Our postal try on service becomes available at the end of the week once we get our rentals out of the way. The service opens every Wednesday at 6pm and closes Friday at 1pm.

If a garment was rented out the week you are wanting to try it on it unfortunately will not be available for a postal try on and you will need to try again the week following - Rentals take priority over postal try ons.

When can I book a postal try on?

Our postal try on service becomes available every Wednesday, Thursday & Friday, and must be booked for the current week (our postal try on service opens every Wednesday at 6pm and closes Friday at 1pm.).

How many garments can we book for a postal try on?

Each customers can try up to 2 items per postal try on booking. We have a limit on the amount of garments that can be booked for a postal try on so that we are able to give other customers the same opportunity to try on their desired garment.

When do our postal get sent out?

All postal try ons are sent out on the Friday to with you Monday (At this stage we do not send out our garments to be tried on over the weekend - this will change when we have everything in place to do so). 

All postal try ons arrive the following Monday (to being sent out Friday), and are expect to be sent back the next working day (Tuesday) → You will receive a return card with your postal try on also letting you know your expected return date for the item(s) being tried on.

What happens if my postal try on is affected by a postal delay?

If there is a postal delay on your order please let us know about this → If we don't know about your postal delay we will assume your postal try on arrived on time, and expect the garment(s) to be sent back on their due date.

We also need to know about any postal delay on your order as the garment(s) being tried on may have been rent out that same week. We will need contact the renter and have you send back the garment(s) being tried on the same day you receive them → If this is the case and you don't get the chance to try on the garment(s) the same day you receive them we will work out another time to do a postal try on for you.