Getting to know our Brand Ambassador Sophie De Renzy

Sophie has been a client of ours since January 2020, although not a long-time client Sophie has been a  frequent return customer of ours in that time. We brought Sophie onto our team because in the time we got to know Sophie we think she is a great role model, friend, and fits our relaxed atmosphere we try and create here at Thread Rentals. Along with her great values comes Sophie's style, something very hard to miss.

Sophie has recently been working hard to create an aesthetic looking instagram feed, which we picked up on as a result of following our clients. We wanted to bring Sophie onto our team because we enjoyed seeing her content and wanted to be a part of her journey. You will be seeing a lot more of Sophie as this year continues.

We asked Sophie some questions so you could get to know her better.

Can you describe your style?

I would describe my style as very neutral and chic, I enjoy timeless fashion and feel like I have the perfect balance between street wear and classy fits.

Where do you go for fashion inspiration?

My go-to fashion inspiration will always be Hailey Bieber 

If you could raid one person’s wardrobe, who would it be?

^ Hailey Bieber of course hehe fashion icon! 

Can you share one of your top styling tips with our community?

My top styling tip would be to invest in your basics - SO easy to dress up or down and are absolutely a necessity!

What garments have been your go-to while living in lockdown?

My go-to lockdown garments have definitely been matching tracksuit sets and a good old hoodie... comfy but make it fashion ;) 

What is your newest addiction to your wardrobe? Where did you get it?

I have quite a few new addictions to my wardrobe however I think I would have to say my set from Staple & Hue is my favourite, I am obsessed with the quality and it is so easy to dress up or down depending on the occasion.

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Have you ever rented items before? What was your favorite and where was it from?

Yes, I have absolutely rented items before and can easily say that the Bec & Bridge Ariel Mini Dress from Thread Rentals is my all time fave!

How do you pick out the perfect rental piece? What’s your process?

Picking the perfect rental piece can always be super difficult when you have lots to choose from however I always make sure I am looking in the right category for the event that I am attending eg. formal/casual etc - once I have a few different options I always ensure I am trying the garment on in store for a better idea of size. You are guaranteed to find the perfect rental piece!

What garment or garments are you looking forward to wearing next?

I am looking forward to all of the upcoming Thread Rentals pieces as I have lots of events approaching fast that I will need some gorgeous garments for! 


Find more from Sophie De Renzy via her instagram @sophiederenzy

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