Getting familiar with Ruby Zanchi Designs

Ruby Zanchi Designs owned by Ruby Zanchi started 3 months ago. Within the short amount of time Ruby Zanchi Design had been in business we were approached, and asked if she could digitally illustrate one of our Instagram pictures.

We jumped at the opportunity to have one of our pictures illustrated by Ruby Zanchi Designs.

Ruby ended up digitally illustrating a picture of our Brand Ambassador, Sophie De Renzy, and we were left blown away by her work.

We asked Ruby Zanchi some questions about her business so you could get familiar with her company Ruby Zanchi Designs.

Here's what we asked Ruby Zanchi Designs:

When did you start your company Ruby Zanchi Designs?

I started Ruby Zanchi Designs three months ago. It started off first as a hobby to keep me busy during lockdown but quickly grew to something else.

What does your company Ruby Zanchi Designs do?

I create custom Digital Illustrations for people based off their photos of choice. It could be anything! Animals, people, landscapes etc.

What has been your most rewarding moment since starting your company?

The most rewarding moment is definitely when I send of the final illustration to the client and they express how excited they are and how much they love it.

What has been your most challenging moment since being in business?

The most challenging moment is definitely time management. I'm a perfectionist and get swept up in the small details. I also have to balance running another business and studying full time.

Do you find inspiration in other people or companies? If so, who are they and why do they inspire you?

I like to find inspiration from everything. I only follow art profiles on my design Instagram so by being surrounded by others creations always makes me excited to draw something. A few account I really love it @pb.journal and @_katcreates

Did COVID-19 affect your business? If so, how can we help you as a community?

I'm very lucky that my business took off and grew during COVID-19. Because my illustrations are only digital at the moment they make for a great contactless gift for peoples loved ones.

What was your most favourite piece to design?

My most favourite design was definitely one of the first ever illustrations I ever did for Ruby Zanchi Designs for a couple called Emma and Reynard. It was a wedding photo of theirs and I was the florist for them so it was a very special moment.


What's one piece of business advice someone has given you that has always stuck with you?

To focus and be consistent. Consistence is key.

What's one piece of business advice you can give those wanting to start up their own business?

Just do it! As cheesy as it sounds just do it, people have so many great ideas but are too scared to just start. It's starting that's the hardest part, from there you learn and grow with it. It's very easy to get caught up in the "buts and what ifs" and put it off.

Find more about Ruby Zanchi Designs via their Instagram

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